It’s Good to be The King – The Jerry Lawler Story

What can be said about Jerry Lawler?  Legendary wrestler, fantastic colour commentator, brilliant artist so the list goes on.  The powers at be have finally got round to putting together Lawler’s story and haven’t just made it the ‘WWE’ version that sometimes can sneek into their releases.  I mean that the majority of the wrestler’s story is told through their tenure in WWE/WWF and WCW as that is where the bulk of their career is or was.  Of course that has changed with Ring of Honor getting a fair bit of exposure thanks to The Shield connection and now Lawler’s Memphis Wrestling.

Lawler’s beginnings as a child and school are covered as well as the story on how he blagged his way into becoming a wrestler.  We get literally stacks of Memphis Wrestling footage (and some AWA) telling the story right up to when he joined the then WWF in the early 90’s.  All the essential people are interviewed such as Jim Ross, Jimmy Hart and even Lawler’s ex-wife Stacy ‘The Cat’ Carter.  The actual documentary isnt’t as long as others but the extra discs more and make up for it.

Matches wise, there is the famous Andy Kaufman one (with the story and build-up) and plenty of fun stuff from the King’s Court.  We have bouts against Tazz, Tommy Dreamer, Bret Hart (and the Kiss My Foot training) and a casket match with a certain Undertaker.  Blu-ray owners get a load more including more stories and a tag match involving some character called ‘The Prototype’.

All in all, another cracking set from WWE.

  • Starring Jerry Lawler (obviously)  William Shatner  Curt Hennig  Jerry Jarrett  Kerry Von Erich  Doink
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle