Darkest Day

Zombie films are now two-a-penny thanks to the success of The Walking Dead and low budget ones are ridiculously common, so I was somewhat apprehensive of a new DTV (with a few cinema engagements) flesh eater epic.  Thankfully Darkest Day proved me wrong, in fact it blew me away.

Dan, a young man with no real memory wakes up on a beach.  He is cold, alone and has no idea how he got there.  Stumbling through a deserted town, he runs into a couple of survivors.  Unfortunately one of them is killed by a marauding zombie.  Making their way back to a boarded up house, Sam meets other survivors of this ‘outbreak’.  Some of them are suspicious, but as things turn bad to worse they decide to make a break into the country.  Sam however is being pursued by the army and no one including Sam has a clue.

Darkest Day was made for virtually nothing with the director Dan Rickard taking the lead role with various friends and actors supporting him.  It’s a real DIY movie and the director has pulled off a minor miracle with inventive filming and editing.  One particular scene of a zombie stampede (who move like olympic athletes) is a work of genius and I was very impressed.  Sure at times the acting is a little forced, but there is a huge amount of commitment (rightly so) with the performances as well as all other aspects of the production.

Now quite Dawn of the Dead or 28 Days Later, but impressive and pretty good stuff overall.  It would nice to see what Rickard and his team could do with some real money, so film companies get your cheque books out.

  • Starring Chris Wandell  Samantha Bolter  Dan Rickard
  • Director Dan Rickard
  • Distributor Left Films