George Marsh is retiring after 30 odd years working down the local mine.  He is celebrating this in the local bar with his colleagues and family.  His daughter who lives in New York asks to go down the mine to finally see what her Dad has done all these years.  They agree and the next day she ventures down there with the miners.

Due to a freak accident with one of the digging machines, they are trapped when some of the tunnels collapse and are told on the emergency line it will be 72 hours until the rescue.  Taking refuge in the rescue chamber, the survivors are soon greeted by weird noises and the possibility they are not alone down there.

I had never heard of this film prior to receiving it for review and too be fair had no idea what to expect.  It’s a pretty entertaining claustrophobic thriller with some nice suspenseful sequences and a bit of gore.  It’s apparently inspired by true events which I will certainly take with a huge pinch of salt, but don’t let that put you off.

  • Starring Jeff Fahey  Brent Briscoe  Kelly Noonan
  • Director Ben Ketai
  • Distributor Arrow Films