Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Theatrical Version)

When Captain Buck Rogers comes into contact with cosmic rays whilst on a space shuttle mission he is frozen and awakes five hundred years later.

The earth he knows is now gone and what is left of mankind is housed in a sealed city.  Outside that city is what remains of Chicago and the world he left behind.  Buck is accused of being a spy as when he was awoken from his hibernation he was taken aboard the Draconian, the flagship for an alien race up to no good.  You know this because the main henchman is veteran bad guy Henry Silva and Draco himself is played by Joseph (Dr. No) Wiseman.

Before the TV series launched at the end of the 70’s Universal wisely released the theatrical feature first and then shortly after it premiered on US television as a two parter renamed ‘Awakening’.  The feature was edited to include a few bits and pieces to make it the ‘pilot’ for the series but the main core of the film remained.  The show has garnered legendary status and although slightly cheesy now, its great fun.

Gil Gerard makes a fantastic Buck, Erin Gray in her selection of jump suits was awesome, Twiki (Buck’s drone buddy voiced by Mel Blanc) was hilarious and how could any bloke ever forget the amazingly hot Princess Ardala (Pamela Hensley).  Finally with the cinema version you get the great Buck Rogers theme turned into a bad ballad sung by some dude called Kipp Lennon.  It’s completed by smoky images of Buck and various ladies in skimpy clothes in the credit sequence which has to be seen to be believed.

I’ve always had a place in my heart for Buck Rogers (I preferred it to Battlestar Galactica) and this German release is well cheap.  Go on treat yourself.

  • Starring Gil Gerard  Erin Gray  Tim O’Connor  Felix Silla
  • Director Daniel Haller
  • Distributor Koch Media