The Haunting of Radcliffe House

Meg Hamilton is given the job by an unknown employer of restoring a stately home in Yorkshire.  Packing up her family from London they set off to Radcliffe House.  The house was previously owned by a painter named Radcliffe who apparently murdered his wife many years ago.

Meg’s husband Alec is an artist also and intends to use the time in the house for some inspiration.  However, all is not what it seems and almost as soon as they settle in, Alec starts behaving in a rather odd fashion. Radcliffe, it turns out was an alchemist and soon enough ghostly things start to happen.

The film is quite well made and the spirits at times look effective.  Matthew Modine turns in a nice performance as Alec who gradually loses the plot, gropes his sculpture and keeps cutting himself.  It does however have a bit of a TV movie vibe about it, apparently it was on Channel 5 last Christmas.

It’s one of those films you have to watch until the end not because it’s memorable, but you need to see how it all ends up.  A bit forgettable, but not completely a waste of time.

  • Starring Olivia Williams  Matthew Modine  Antonia Clarke
  • Director Nick Willing
  • Distributor Image