The Sleeping Room

Blue is a young call girl working for local madam Cynthia and scary pimp Freddie.  As a youngster she ran away from her foster home and was taken in by Cynthia when she arrived in Brighton.  A young man named Bill asks for a girl for the night and Blue is sent to his flat.  Bill seems like a nice bloke and Blue is taken by him.  However whilst there, they stumble upon a secret room in the flat which Bill is restoring.  That room contains all kinds of stuff dating back years and with the “What the Butler Saw’ machine Bill lets Blue watch strange things are soon afoot.

The Sleeping Room is a very well created horror thriller with some nice performances and some unusual aspects to the script.  There is a couple of bits in the film that is generally unnerving and the main bad guy wears a sack on his head which seriously creeped me out.

Well worth a bash, it’s a shame that it is a bit short as I would have liked some back story to the man in the sack.  Apart from that I found it rather engaging.

  • Starring Leilia Mimmack  Julie Graham  Joseph Beattie
  • Director John Shackleton
  • Distributor Second Sight