American Ninja 2: The Confrontation

The 1980’s was a great time to be a fan of cheesy action flicks. Established stars like Charles Bronson and Chuck Norris hooked up with the legendary Cannon Films and we were regularly treated to some action greats such as the Death Wish sequels and Invasion USA. Cannon’s owner’s Golan and Globus wanted to create their own star, so step forward a young man named Michael Dudikoff who previously had a supporting role in Tom Hanks’ Batchelor Party.

The first American Ninja was pretty successful but it was this sequel that hit the mark for almost god-like B movie brilliance.  There are great fights, a bonkers plot with ninjas again, dreadful acting from some of the supporting cast and most importantly two brilliant leads in Dudikoff and the late Steve James.

Some priceless scenes include both Dudikoff and James jumping off a cliff seperately and landing on a conveniently passing speedboat, James ripping his shirt off and brandishing two massive swords to kill some ninjas (you have to see it to appreciate it) and their boss proclaiming the local police inspector ‘gets on his tits!’

88 Films have now released the first four films (No. 5 doesn’t count as it was a retitling and nothing to do with the franchise) in a box set and individually, so there is now no excuse to keep those old DVD’s.  Sit back, crack open a can of beer, eat some pizza and enjoy in sparkling HD.

  • Starring Michael Dudikoff  Steve James  Larry Poindexter
  • Director Sam Firstenberg
  • Distributor 88 Films