Road to Paloma

Robert Wolf (Jason Momoa) is on the run after he kills his Mother’s rapist.  At the start of the film we see him building fences across the desert whilst awaiting for the parts for his motorcycle to arrive at the local mechanics.  Pursuing Wolf is a determined FBI guy partnered with a local law enforcement officer who knows Wolf.

Wolf befriends a drunken musician named Cash and they both set off on their bikes to collect his Mother’s remains from his sister who had died because of her injuries.  Along the way Cash constantly finds way to get into trouble by ordering meals and strippers and not paying for them.

Road to Paloma is a very good road movie made all the better because Momoa directed the picture and co-wrote it.  He obviously knows the story inside out and the photography is outstanding.  The soundtrack is simply superb and suits the film incredibly well.  The supporting cast are excellent which include Momoa’s real life wife Lisa Bonet and legendary Native American actor Wes Studi.  It’s all very respectful to Native American way of life and I can do nothing but recommend it.

  • Starring Jason Momoa  Lisa Bonet  Wes Studi  Lance Henriksen
  • Director Jason Momoa
  • Distributor Anchor Bay