Fastlane 2015

After the backlash of this year’s Royal Rumble (again) the WWE immediately went into damage limitation and made the winner of the main event  (Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan) the man to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

In all honesty I have read some negative reviews of the PPV and whilst it wasn’t one of the best, it certainly wasn’t one of the worst.  The pre-show had Miz having a pop at Damien Mizdow and the appearance of Paul Heyman doing what he does best.

The first match was a six man tag between Ziggler, Rowan and Ryback taking on The Authority of Rollins, Big Show and Kane. We then had the Rhodes brothers taking on each other and afterwards in a backstage segment we had Dusty turn up.  Cesaro and Tyson Kidd took on the Usos for the Tag Team gold in a pretty good match.  Nikki and Paige battled over the Divas title which ended in a screwy finish.  Why is Nikki still the champ?

Dean Ambrose then had a chance to get his hands on Bad News Barrett’s IC belt.  Needless to say Ambrose lost the plot and got himself DQ’ed.  Cena then challended Rusev for the US Championship, again a screwy finish but Rusev retained.  It’s just a shame he still hasn’t got the title.  HHH finally had his confrontation with Sting and also Bray Wyatt played with the crowd using the Undertaker’s music to get a reaction.

In the main event, Bryan and Reigns did really well in an entertaining match and no matter what people say, I really rate Roman Reigns and hope he goes on at some point to be THE GUY.

A bit of a ‘filler’ PPV and not completely essential, although I liked the main event.

  • Starring Sting  Big Show  Cesaro  Bray Wyatt  Seth Rollins
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle