The Long Good Friday

Harold Shand runs London and has had peace for the last ten years.  Determined to branch out and cement his legacy, he brokers a deal with the American Mafia for the development of property across London.  Unfortunately one his men, Colin skims off the top of money which should have been used as a pay off to certain individuals.  Due to this they blow up Harold’s Rolls Royce outside his Mum’s church, Colin gets murdered in the local swimming pool showers and one of Harold’s boozers gets blown up as well.

Determined to find out who, Harold rips through London like a madman trying to track down the men responsible and save his deal with the Yanks.

The Long Good Friday is a bona fide classic of any genre.  The acting and writing is top notch and with John Mackenzie’s assured direction we have a film which is one of the best British films ever made, in fact one of the greatest gangster pictures of all time.  What’s also great is that you can play ‘spot the famous actor’ as this film is packed with scores of British thespian talent.  Keep an eye out for the likes of Paul Barber, Karl Howman, Gillian Taylforth and of course a certain actor from Casualty.

Arrow’s release has been remastered and restored in 2K and looks fantastic.  There’s plenty of extras to get your teeth into including the hysterical redubbing of the film for the Americans in a short featurette.  An excellent release of an excellent film.

  • Starring Bob Hoskins  Helen Mirren  Dave King  Bryan Marshall
  • Director John Mackenzie
  • Distributor Arrow Video