The Marine 4 – Moving Target

In the fourth Marine film, WWE wrestler Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin reprises his role of Jake Carter who now works in the private security sector.  A corporate whistleblower needs protection from shady mercenaries hired to silence her as she has secrets which will bring down a huge defence contactor.

When the whole security team is wiped out except Carter he must protect her from harms way and get her to safety.  This is hampered as she is a moaning whiny type who trusts no one not even the good guys.  From the get-go Marine 4 is packed with action and gun fights.  It doesn’t really let up and The Miz shows again he is a pretty good thespian.  In all honesty, the film is one long chase with a couple of dialogue scenes to move the plot along and it’s a rather entertaining one at that.

WWE Diva Summer Rae pops up as a sniper and says a few lines of dialogue.  Her role isn’t huge but she makes her presence felt in some of the shooting sequences.  Marine 4 is not the most original of movies, it is however like I said entertaining and Miz is great in it.  It’s better than Part 3 and what would be nice if Vince McMahon got John Cena to reprise his role from the first one and do a team-up movie.  There’s a thought for another day.

  • Starring Mike Mizanin  Melissa Roxburgh  Josh Blacker
  • Directed by William Kaufman