The Bogey Man aka The Boogey Man (1980)

One of the original ‘video nasties’ Ulli Lommel’s The Bogey (Boogey) Man tell us the story of two siblings Lacey and Willy who suffer abuse at the hands of their Mother’s twisted boyfriend.  Willy, the youngest snaps and stabs the boyfriend to death, the film then fast forwards twenty years to show they grew up in the care of relatives.

Willy hasn’t spoke since that fateful night and Lacey now herself a Mother, suffers from flashbacks and nightmares.  She is encouraged to revisit her old home and there she smashes a mirror when she sees a vision of the dead boyfriend.  It all then kicks off as a heavy breathing spirit is released through the broken glass and starts a murderous rampage.

The Boogey Man is not really all that original.  There is a blatant Halloween homage at the start of the film and the whacked out synth score is derivative of many horror pictures, saying that it is certainly bonkers music and suits the film perfectly.

I first saw the film as a lad in the pre VRA days and I thank 88 Films for retaining VIPCO’s great iconic cover image for the blu-ray release.  If you like the US ‘window’ poster image that is also included on the reverse of the sleeve.  The Boogey Man is a fun horror picture, it’s a bit sleazy and grubby in places, but all in all a nice little minor league classic from my youth.

  • Starring Suzanna Love  John Carradine  Ron James  Nicholas Love
  • Director Ulli Lommel
  • Distributor 88 Films