The Burning

Cropsy the caretaker is an ‘evil bastard’ and hated by all the kids who attend Camp Blackfoot during the summer months.  When a prank goes wrong and Cropsy is badly burned, he spends five years in hospital. When Cropsy is released, he is understandably not happy and starts a killing spree by cutting some poor prostitute up and throwing her out of the window.

Although Blackfoot is closed, a camp opens up not too far away and is soon full of kids there for the school break.  Of course this being a slasher movie there are horny teens, scary stories and nudity of the north and south variety.  Cropsy likes to prowl around the woods looking for kids to slaughter to the tune of Rick Wakeman’s screeching synth score, so when the older kids go on a trip down the river Cropsy picks up his shears and follows them.

The Burning is easily one of the best early 80’s slasher films as it’s well made, has very good make-up effects from Tom Savini and actual likeable characters.  Of course there are some you can’t wait to bite the bullet such as the annoying jock and the whiny dweeb, but where would you be without such fine examples of American youth.

I first saw it way back on the old Thorn EMI label and after countless viewings I still really enjoy revisiting it.  Now on blu-ray with its HD presentation, there’s never been a better time to take a trip down to Cropsy’s neck of the woods.

  • Starring Lou David  Brian Matthews  Leah Ayres  Brian Backer
  • Director Tony Maylam
  • Distributor Shock Entertainment and Scream Factory (US)