The Device

Calvin and Abby are a young couple starting out in life.  They both have good jobs and have recently bought their dream house.  At the beginning of the film we are told Abby’s mother has died and she is to be reunited with her estranged sister Rebecca.  They travel to the family cabin in the woods to scatter Mum’s ashes.  At this point I let out a groan as I am getting a bit bored with ‘Cabins in the Woods’ movies.  Thankfully the action moves away when they discover a black sphere in the bushes and Calvin brings it home.

The nightmares then begin for Abby which consist of weird lights, odd looking blokes and general unpleasantness.  Meanwhile Calvin is becoming obsessive about the sphere and what it is and Rebecca reveals what really happened to her twelve years ago.

The Device is an alien abduction thriller, one which has received some bad reviews and not really that well received on iMDb.  Personally I really like it and the film makers have made good use of their limitations i.e. money.  The alien is a bit stereotypical (bug eyes, long fingers) but looks quite cool and the three main leads are very good.

A nice little movie, give it a go.

  • Starring Kate Alden  David S. Hogan  Angela DiMarco
  • Director Jeremy Berg
  • Distributor Image