WWE TLC 2014

The TLC series of PPV’s to me are a little gimmicky rather like the Extreme Rules ones, I prefer my wrestling to be straight ‘normal’ bouts with the odd gimmick match thrown in.  Saying that TLC 2014 was lots of fun and featured the main event of Dean Ambrose taking on Bray Wyatt.

The first match of the evening was Dolph Ziggler fighting IC Champion Luke Harper for the belt in a ladders match.  Highly entertaining, Ziggler proving he’s terrific and Harper is frankly deranged.

Next up was The Usos trying to retain their tag team belts from Miz and Damen Mizdow with Mizdow continuing to be WWE’s crowning glory in comedy.  We had the big boys next, Erick Rowan and Big Show in a first time ‘stairs’ match which was just about OK.  Cena had to fight Rollins and beat him or he would lose his crack at Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.  We all knew John would win so this match was all rather pointless and used only to further the Cena/Lesnar rivalry.  AJ then took on Divas Champ Nikki Bella. Why Nikki continues to be champ is quite beyond me.  Sure she’s improved but there are far better women wrestlers in the main roster Nattie Neidhart, AJ and Paige spring to mind, maybe its a ‘Total Divas’ thing?  Ryback faced Kane in a chairs match and Rusev fought Jack Swagger again for the pride of the good old US of A – boring!!!

Like I said the PPV generally was fun, not fantastic but moved along storylines for the weekly shows and future PPV’s nicely.  The only real problem I have is the continued use of Big Show and Kane in large scale events.  I generally love these two guys in particular Kane, but WWE must let the ‘kids’ make more of an impact now and not two veterans from the Attitude era.  Mind you, ‘Concessions’ Kane – Head of Food and Beverages on RAW around the same time was priceless and almost on par with the Dr. Shelby shenanigans.

Lots of extras as well including The New Day vs. Gold and Stardust match from the kick-off show.  There’s more on the blu-ray as per normal which rounds out another value for money package.

  • Starring AJ Lee  Rusev  Damien Mizdow  Michael Cole
  • Distributor WWE/ Fremantle