No Good Deed (2014)

Colin Evans is in prison for manslaughter and when his parole is not granted due to one of the board digging into his past he feels the only option is to escape.  After dealing with his prison escort Colin sets off to track down his fiancee who hasn’t replied to any of his letters he sent from prison.  This is something she will soon regret as Colin is definitely not a happy chappy.

Losing control of a stolen vehicle, he crashes into a tree and finds his way to the only house with a light on in a suburban neighbourhood.  Knocking on the door, he asks for help from the female occupant Terri (whose husband is away on a trip with his Father).

No Good Deed is an excellent showcase for it’s two main leads Idris Elba and Taraji (Person of Interest) P. Henson.  Elba we all know and love as Luther shows his dark side as the rather psychotic Colin.  Henson plays the Mum in peril well and holds her own against Elba who is clearly having a ball playing such a nutcase.

The film is a mean lean piece of film-making from director Sam Miller (who has made quite a few episodes of Luther), it’s got a couple of nice plot twists  and comes well recommended.

  • Starring Idris Elba  Taraji P. Henson  Leslie Bibb
  • Director Sam Miller
  • Distributor Sony