The Road is Jericho

The latest epic set from WWE showcases the talents of one Chris Jericho, the first Undisputed WWE Champion and one of my favourite wrestlers of all time.

The DVD features him travelling to a Fozzy gig in a swanky Limo telling us stories from his stellar career with the matches themselves interspersed with the chatty footage.

The matches themselves are a great collection and feature a considerable amount from his WCW days and some ECW stuff as well.  As you would expect the majority are WWE matches as he has been there the longest.  (There is also exclusive blu-ray content including a Punk match from Payback 2013.)

The WCW matches include a Dean Malenko match and one with Ultimo Dragon who I reckon has one of the best masks in wrestling ever.  Funnily enough on the set there is a match with Stone Cold, Jericho can’t even remember it and he is generally pleased to finally watch it.  Basically some of the best wrestlers of the last 20 years are on this set including Booker T, Jeff Hardy, The Rock and Rey Misterio.

Once again WWE have done well with this showcase of the talents of Mr. Jericho and its also got one of my favourite comedy moments when Kane gets scalded with the hot water which I still find funny to this day.  Come on WWE give Glenn Jacobs’ Kane a nice big set and have him interviewed as a real person not in character.

Back to Jericho, this is a first class release and one to pick up to listen to the man himself and watch some great matches not only from a wrestling perspective but also in a historical context.

  • Starring X-Pac  Kane  Chris Jericho  Edge  Kurt Angle
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle