Street Hawk – The Complete Series

Jesse Mach is a motorcycle cop with a crippling injury, who is offered the chance to head up with Federal Agent Norman Tuttle an elite crime fighting unit. Street Hawk is a high powered motorcycle with machine guns, laser beams and thrusters. Jesse has been hand picked for this task and as per usual has a bit of a love-hate relationship with his ‘Boss’ Norman.

If you can remember the early eighties, the airwaves were packed full of hi-tech shows, there was Knight Rider, Blue Thunder, Airwolf and Automan. Although most people really only remember Knight Rider for the legend that is ‘The Hoff’. Street Hawk has slowly built up a cult following throughout the world especially in Europe after it was unfairly cancelled after a mere 13 episodes (it went up against Dallas on US TV so it had no chance.)

Great stunts are the order of the day throughout the show and although dated (hair, fashions) the series remains action packed and charming. I am more than a little biased as I loved the series as a kid and if you are not of that generation you may find it all a bit naff. On the other hand it still has some great stories and ideas, also where would you get a show with a seriously pre-fame George Clooney and Christopher ‘Doc Brown’ Lloyd playing a nasty bad guy.

The Tangerine Dream theme music (LeParc) is totally awesome and now I can relegate my worn out CIC VHS to the cupboard with this brilliant boxset of the entire show.

  • Directed by Virgil Vogel, Daniel Haller and others
  • Starring Rex Smith  Joe Regalbuto  Jeanne Wilson   Richard Venture and Jayne Modean
  • Distributor Fabulous Films / Universal Studios