WWE The Destruction of the Shield

They may be no longer together but the three individuals from FCW entered the WWE with a bang and left an reputation as possibly the most dominant faction of all time.  They were all successful in their own right before coming to the main roster particularly Seth Rollins who was a NXT Champion and who had also flourished in Ring of Honor.  Dean Ambrose had carved out a stellar reputation on the independent circuit, Roman Reigns had the blood flowing through him of many a WWE superstar including Dwayne Johnson and was a first class athlete in his own right.  They came out of nowhere and month after month dished out their own particular brand of justice winning the US Championship and Tag Team titles along the way.

It all had to end though and with Seth Rollins turning on them and joining ‘The Authority’ Reigns and Ambrose were out on their own.  With the skills the trio possess, they are all destined to greatness with Reigns at time of writing waiting to take on Brock Lesnar for the WWE title at Wrestlemania.  Rollins has the Money in the Bank contract and Ambrose’s popularity is immense thanks to his in ring ability and incredible charisma.

Last year the WWE Network premiered a documentary on The Shield and this is that documentary on the release here with some extra  bits and bobs.  Its an excellent piece and has some great footage of all three members in their developmental days and what they got up to when they formed The Shield.

Matches wise, we have plenty to choose from their recent run on the main roster but to me personally its their FCW/NXT matches I have enjoyed the most and there is plenty there on this set.  Watching Reigns in his previous incarnation as ‘Leakee’ is intetesting as the Reigns character was just beginning.  Ambrose is as barmy as ever and when I saw him at a FCW event in Florida, I met CM Punk and Punk told me to keep an eye on Ambrose.  That same night Punk and Ambrose had a superb match which will never see the light of day as it wasn’t at a TV taping.  It is however on YouTube filmed by members of the audience – check it out.  Rollins of course was a ROH veteran and he showed class from day one.

A fantastic release and pretty much essential to any wrestling fan’s collection.

  • Starring Dean Ambrise  Roman Reigns  Dean Ambrose  The Wyatt Family
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle