The Squeeze

Jim Naboth is a man with a serious drink problem, at the start of this simply outstanding crime thriller he is so ‘out of his face’ he falls down an escalator in the London tube and wakes up in hospital.  The hospital try to cure him of his drinking, but upon his discharge he heads straight for the nearest boozer.

Naboth is seperated from his wife and her new husband comes to him when Jim’s ex goes missing after being kidnapped by hardened criminals.  This sets the story for a real forgotten gem from the 1970’s.

The cast assembled by director Michael Apted is headlined by the afore mentioned Keach and is backed up by Edward Fox, David Hemmings, Carol White, Roy Marsden, Stephen Boyd, Alan Ford and comedian Freddie Starr.  All the cast are simply superb with Starr proving a real revelation as Naboth’s best friend.  Only Starr himself I would imagine could tell you why he never made other films.

Apted captures London of the 70’s wonderfully and has assembled a great musical score (shame no soundtrack was ever made available) and some terrific tunes of the day.

It’s a complete crime that this film has been unavailable here in the UK since the eighties, thankfully Warner has released it through their DVD on demand service in the States.  I cannot recommend this film highly enough, it’s violent and compelling with real characters.  Oh yes and it’s easy to pick up thanks to the wonders of the internet.

  • Starring Stacy Keach  Freddie Starr  Stephen Boyd  David Hemmings
  • Director Michael Apted
  • Distributor Warner Archive