Survivor Series 2014

This years Survivor Series had an interesting premise, if Team Cena (John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and Ryback) lost against The Authority, they would be all fired except for Cena who is too valuable a commodity to part with.  The match was excellent with all kinds of interference and shennigans taking place.  The ending is well known bit in case you don’t know I’ll say nothing although the cover is a bit of a giveaway.

There was a Fatal 4 Way for the tag team belts between Gold & Stardust, The Usos, Miz and Mizdow and Los Matadors in which the Mizdow character stole the match completely with his stunt double comedy.  There was a Divas traditional Survivor Series match and also AJ took on Nikki Bella in a  Championship bout.  Adam Rose and the stupid Bunny took on Slater Gator in a match that isn’t even worth discussing and Dean Ambrose fought the eerie Bray Wyatt.

Off with injury there was a ‘live’ interview with Roman Reigns and the kick off show featured Justin Gabriel against Fandango which is included as an extra.

Extras wise, there is some Survivor Series fall-out material and a segment with the returning Bad News Barrett.  Blu-ray owners get extra TV show footage including Mr. Mahon returning and the main event contract signing.

The main event was first class and Dolph Ziggler shone like he’s never been aloud to before and the ending nicely sets things up for later on down the road.  All in all, an average to fair PPV.  Not one of the year’s best but saved by a couple of decent matches.

  • Starring Erick Rowan  Vince McMahon  Cesaro  Paige  Adam Rose  The Bunny
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle