It is near the end of the Second World War and the Germans are almost defeated.  The American tank division rumble into enemy territory to try and finish off the Nazis.  Unfortunately the German tanks are better than the Americans and there are heavy losses.  Sgt. Collier (Brad Pitt) is given orders to protect a crossroads in the countryside because if the enemy get by, some Allied divisions will be sitting ducks.

Prior to his orders Collier was blessed with a new soldier on his tank, however the poor lad played by Logan Lerman has seen no fighting and is an army typist.  The rest of Collier’s men gradually warm to him after he proves himself and takes out some Nazis after getting his heart broken.

Fury is one of those films which ticks all the boxes.  A great cast, good script, excellent direction and most importantly as a war film, good production values and accuracy.  Although not a true story there are probably many accounts just like the ones portrayed in this film where men were up against almost impossible odds and came out heroes.

All I can say is this is an outstanding motion picture, perfect on so many levels.  It’s also a film to enjoy with the volume turned right up to gain the full battle experience.  It’s violent and bloody with more Germans hitting the deck than a Bundesliga football match, but then war isn’t pretty, I actually preferred it to Saving Private Ryan and to me it’s up there with Band of Brothers.  Very special and fully recommended, my Dad would have loved it.

  • Starring Brad Pitt  Logan Lerman  Michael Pena  Jason Isaccs  Shia LaBeouf  Jon Bernthal
  • Director David Ayer
  • Distributor Sony Pictures