Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Everyone has films they can watch over and over again, mine range from Star Wars, (Not Episode IV, George!) Superman II, Grease, An American Werewolf in London and probably any ‘Carry On’ film. Another one is Part VI in the Friday the 13th saga,  Jason Lives.  You can hardly call it a masterpiece of cinema but there is something amazingly fun about this picture.

When young Tommy Jarvis brings masked killer Jason back to life, the residents of Forest Green are in for a really, really bad time.  Even before the credits Jason has ripped some poor dude’s heart out and stars in his own James Bond’esque credit sequence.  What’s really nice about ‘Jason Lives’ is Jason is there from the very start, no lurking in shadows this time around just strolling around the woods hacking people up.  No one is safe, grave diggers, cops and your usual suspects (i.e. teenagers up to no good).

What makes this film stand out from the rest of the series is that it’s doesn’t take it yourself seriously and is actually very funny.  Backed up with some ace songs from rock god, Alice Cooper the film remains one of my all time favourites and like I said one of those films I can watch time and time again.

The ‘Friday’ series has produced some real stinkers, Part 5 immediately springs to mind and the non New York scenes in ‘Jason Takes Manhattan’ are equally worthless but this film is great stuff and is vastly overlooked and under-rated.  Its a real shame, the series didn’t continue the high standards set by director Tom McLoughlin, although I would really love to see the original version of Part VII – The New Blood which was literally gutted by the American censors.

  • Starring Thom Mathews  CJ Graham  Jennifer Cooke
  • Director Tom McLoughlin
  • Distributor Paramount Pictures