Rose, a young woman is involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident with her boyfriend and is taken to a nearby medical facility where they specialise in plastic surgery.  Her life is saved and she receives a revolutionary new kind of skin graft.  She is in a coma for around a month and when she comes around, she has develops a taste for human blood.  Her victims soon become blood hungry as well and the disease they carry starts to spread.

With Rabid, director David Cronenberg presents us with an incredibly well made and often disturbing horror film.  The parasite living in poor Rose’s armpit is suitably gross and real sympathy is felt for her and a lot of the victims.  Adult film actress Marilyn Chambers is surprisingly very good as the hapless Rose and she is supported by a selection of Canada’s thespian community of the middle 1970’s.  The film does look dated due to it’s fashions and especially one of the main character’s fantastic pair of huge glasses but it’s strong story, good production values and assured direction from Cronenberg makes this one damn good piece of horror.

Arrow once again have blessed us with lots of decent extras including commentaries, interviews and a nice documentary on Cronenberg from 1999.  The film is one of my favourites from my youth when I saw it on the old Intervision/Alpha label in the cardboard slipcase, great memories and pretty much essential for any fan of decent adult horror.  No dopey teenagers here.

  • Starring Marilyn Chambers  Frank Moore  Joe Silver
  • Director David Cronenberg
  • Distributor Arrow Video