Two workmates decide to go on a ‘treasure hunt’ into the Australian bush for the lost gold of notorious outlaw Thunderclap Newman who disappeared in the 19th century.  All is going well especially when they stumble across the remains of the gold but one of the two, Kent gets greedy and attempts to murder his colleague Jack.

With Kent running off into the bush, Jack comes round and bumps into a ranger who spotted their camp fire.  However, the Yowie (The Aussie Bigfoot) is on the prowl and starts to hunt them down.

Throwback is a throwback (sorry) to old school ‘monster stalking people movie’ peppered with well staged dramatic sequences and some humour thrown in.  As an extra treat the immortal Vernon Wells (Bennett from Commando) turns up to ‘let off some steam’ as a deranged police detective. The Yowie is a ‘bloke in a suit” and is cleverly filmed from different angles to ramp up the suspense (and probably hide the low’ish budget) but actually looks pretty cool.  The film’s small cast do well and the with the Aussie outback as an extra cast member, the film has a terrific setting.

In a nutshell, Throwback is a rousing good yarn and very entertaining.  For a mad monster movie, it’s played fairly seriously and works well for it.  Good stuff and to be fair, a little gem.

  • Starring Shawn Brack  Anthony Ring  Melanie Serafin  Vernon Wells
  • Director Travis Bain
  • Distributor Monster Pictures