The Giver

In the future there is no crime, no suffering, no disease and one man holds the secrets of human history, he is ‘The Giver’.

The elders of this so-called ideal community have decided on their new ‘Giver’ and he is to be trained by the elder Giver played by Jeff Bridges.  Bridges’ character holds the key to all emotions and he must pass this on to Jonah, the chosen one so in the future he can provide advice based on mankind’s mistakes.  Jonah however, begins on Bridges’ encouragement to think for himself and starts to upset the status quo.

The Giver although based on a ‘young adult’ novel has plenty of real issues to get your teeth into.  Sure it’s tailored to suit the young ‘us but there amongst the goings-on in this perfect world is brain washing and state sponsored murder.  The young cast headed by Brenton Thwaites and Odeya Rush do well.  Bridges is excellent as the world weary teacher, backed up with some good thespian talent including Meryl Streep and Katie Holmes.

I rather enjoyed it and recommend it whole heartily.  It’s a little bit samey to other perfect future type films, but it’s very well made and has some nice photography.  Go on, give it a try.

  • Starring Jeff Bridges  Alexander Skarsgard  Meryl Streep  Taylor Swift
  • Director Phillip Noyce
  • Distributor Entertainment in Video