Grace: The Possession

Possessed by the devil flicks are not exactly a new concept.  Throw some special effects in, a bit of religion, an innocent being processed and there you have your basic story.  So is ‘Grace’ any different from the usual suspects out there, read on…

A young mother dies in child birth and the off-spring, Grace is raised by her god-fearing grandmother played with relish by Lin Shaye.  Grace has decided to go to college and her grandmother warns her of all the ‘sin’ that college will tempt her with but Grace wants to stand up on own two feet.  Of course this doesn’t quite go to plan and after some incidents she returns home where she is met by Father John (Alan ‘Jim Robinson from Neighbours’ Dale).  Her soul needs to be saved so a battle begins.

‘Grace’ is a strange beast of a possession film as it is presented through the eyes actually of Grace. Rather like the recent Maniac remake, this works quite well and is helped by some good production values.  It’s not at all original and it’s not the greatest film ever, but it tries to be different and that the film makers must be patted on the back for.  Not great but not bad at all.  Anyway, any film with Jim Robinson as a priest has got to be experienced, didn’t spot Harold Bishop though.

  • Starring Alexia Fast  Alan Dale  Clarke Peters  Lin Shaye
  • Director Jeff Chan
  • Distributor Sony