The Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie

After the events of the second film Toxie has returned home to a peaceful Tromaville, but is frustrated with his life which he feels has no meaning and no bad guys to kill.  His fiancee Claire gets a letter offering an operation to restore her sight so Toxie takes a job as a tax-man to pay for the operation which isn’t very successful.  The evil doers at Apocalypse Inc. offer Toxie the money for the operation if he works for them.  With Toxie working for them they can take over Tromaville and be generally unpleasant to it’s citizens.

Packed with silliness and violence in equal measures, Toxic Avenger III is not quite as entertaining as the previous two (the liberal use of the previous films footage doesn’t really help) but it is still a bit of a hoot.

Only in a Troma film could you have an opening fight in a video shop stocked only with Troma titles and a film first, death by VCR.  The bad guys are nasty, Toxie is cool and Claire is still playing that damn accordion.  It’s so endearing and fun, it’s virtually impossible not to like something about it (or be offended by some tasteless gag).

The blu-ray from 88 Films has lots of extras including commentaries, interviews and a cool bit with Toxie himself, Ron Fazio having a look around the Troma office with Lloyd Kaufman popping up to say hello.

  • Starring Ron Fazio  Phoebe Legere  Rick Collins
  • Directors Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz
  • Distributor 88 Films