Hell in a Cell 2014

The Hell in a Cell PPV once again arrives but with a little difference this year, no WWE Champion to defend his belt.  With Brock Lesnar not around it was decided that Cena and Randy Orton would have a Number One contenders match to have a shot at ‘The Beast’.

The other Main Event was between former friends, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins which was the highlight of the PPV and shows these two guys will soon step up to be some of WWE’s mainstays.

Dolph Ziggler defended his IC belt against Cesaro and there was a loser must be an assistant to the other between the Bella twins, which wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be.  Tag Team gold was on the line between The Usos and Star & Goldust.  As I said before I’m liking Dusty’s boys in this persona more and more, Cody is a riot with his maniacal personality.  Sheamus fought The Miz for his US belt, it’s a shame Sheamus would soon lose it to Rusev and be injured.  Speaking of Rusev, he took on The Big Show and AJ and Paige battled over the Divas title.

Extras wise, there is the Kick-Off show and a couple of promos.  Blu-ray gets lots more including the rather entertaining putdown of Rusev and Lana by a certain Mr. Dwayne Johnson.

Hell in a Cell is frankly an excellent release.  I enjoyed the PPV live and the package is very good overall.

  • Starring John Cena  Seth Rollins  Renee Young  Damien Mizdow
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle