WWE Best PPV Matches 2014

Now this a real treat, the WWE version of the NOW music compilation on three jam packed DVD’s featuring your favourite superstars.  Okay, cheesy promotional bit over let’s see what’s on the discs.

Disc 1 is very much Daniel Bryan based with his Royal Rumble match up with Bray Wyatt, the Elimination Chamber match and his two bouts from Wrestlemania.  Disc 2 has the silly El Torito/Hornswoggle WeeLC match from the Extreme Rules pre-show.  I always thought this would be a total train wreck but for some twisted reason I rather enjoyed seeing it again.  Bad News takes on Big E in an IC bout and the amazing six man tag between Evolution an The Shield is on there, again from Extreme Rules.

To be fair, both disc 2 and 3 are rammed solid with good stuff.  All the wrestlers are well represented as there are tag team championship matches, flag matches and Cena-Lesnar III from Night of Champions. Obviously the last couple of 2014 PPV’s aren’t represented due to the pressing of the discs but the set is excellent value and well getting if you only have bought one or two PPV’s this year.

  • Starring Cesaro  Jack Swagger  AJ Lee  Randy Orton  El Torito
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle