Dr Black, Mr Hyde

Dr Henry Pryde is a good man. He volunteers at the local free clinic and is working on a cure for liver disease. Unfortunately trying his serum isn’t a good idea and soon he turns into a maniac butchering hookers and beating up various people on the street.  Sometimes there are films which are so bad, they are brilliant and contrary to the title this film is not bad at all, it’s excellent.

Mind you, some of the acting is dire and strained but the film has a great sympathetic performance from Bernie Casey as the cursed Dr. Pryde. It also features a great 70’s score, some eerie make up from Stan Winston and a dapper dressed pimp complete with cape and cane.

VCI’s print is a bit damaged but I would imagine the source wasn’t looked after that well but who cares when a film is this funky.  A great example of blaxploitation fun from the director of ‘Blacula’.  Pretty priceless I would say and the trailer (below) is probably one of the best ever done.

  • Starring Bernie Casey Rosalind Cash
  • Director William Crain
  • Distributor VCI