We Still Kill The Old Way

The Archers ruled part of London many years ago, they kept the streets safe and people respected (and feared) them.  Charlie Archer loves to tell stories of the old days but when walking home from the pub, he breaks up a gang rape of a local girl, Lauren.  The gang turn on Charlie and he is brutally kicked to death.  Charlie’s brother Richie now lives in Spain and comes home to bury his brother.  He is informed that Charlie was murdered by this gang and he rounds up his old comrades to teach these youngsters a lesson in how to be ‘proper hardmen’.

Each of Richie’s pals have a certain skill set including torture and body disposal.  Soon the kids who killed Charlie live to regret what they did.

The film is packed full of nasty sadistic violence (hooray), colourful use of the English language, some gallows humour and featureswithout doubt the nastiest little scumbag on screen in a long time.  That scumbag is named Aaron and is played by Eastenders’ Danny-Boy Hatchard who is miles away from the lad who lives in the Queen Vic. Completing the Eastenders connection is Danny Dyer’s daughter Dani as Lauren.  The old school villains are led by Ian Ogilvy playing Richie.  His pals include Burnside from The Bill himself, Chris Ellison and Steven Berkoff playing his brother Charlie.  Cropping up in a cameo is Nicky Henson reuniting on screen with Ogilvy (they were soldiers together in Witchfinder General) this really made me smile and thanks to the film makers for setting this up.  Finally at the end of the picture not only are we promised a sequel, but there is a great throwaway line regarding an exploit in Turin years ago.

A terrific film and I encourage all to see it.

  • Starring Ian Ogilvy  Christopher Ellison  Lysette Anthony  James Cosmo  Alsion Doody
  • Director Sacha Bennett
  • Distributor Anchor Bay