Deliver Us From Evil


Unexplainable and weird events are plaguing seasoned NYPD detective Ralph Sarchie.  His partner says he has a ‘radar’ which highlights unusual crimes and when they visit a crime scene at a zoo, he walks into a demonic plot which affects all who cross it.  Aided by an unconventional priest, Sarchie must regain his faith to fight this monstrous foe.

The film is very dark and disturbing especially if one is religious as it bases a lot of the story on Christian (Catholic) faith.  Scarily it’s based on actual accounts from the real police detective Eric Bana portrays here.  It’s got a few gross out moments, a positively evil looking main bad guy and some good genuine scares.  There’s some nice moody photography on display and a nice soundtrack complete with funny demon voices and horrible scratching sounds.

Deliver Us From Evil is very well put together by Sinister director Scott Derrickson who is now working on Marvel’s Doctor Strange.  Heartily recommended and I’ll even forgive Mr. Derrickson for his dodgy Hellraiser sequel.

  • Starring Eric Bana  Olivia Munn  Edgar Ramirez  Sean Harris
  • Director Scott Derrickson
  • Distributor Sony