The Guvnors

Adam is a vile little hoodie who with his band of cronies rules a housing estate in London.  He doesn’t like grasses and has no problem blading anyone who spills the beans on him or any of his crew.  Mitch, a notorious hardman who walked away from that life lives in the suburbs with his wife and son.  Adam hears of ‘The Guvnors’ a group of football hooligans (firm) who rules the estate before he was born.  He goes to the pub known for where they hung out and as you would expect wasn’t greeted warmly.  He plots revenge and after a tragedy, the Guvnors reform (with Mitch returning to his old manor).

The Guvnors takes two genres (Football Hooligan and rough council estate film) and mixed them up in a well produced and acted drama.  Packed with good performances especially from the leads Doug Allen as Mitch and Harley Sylvester from hip hop duo Rizzle Kicks as Adam.  The legendary David Essex also turns up and ‘Spider’ Emily’s nephew from Coronation Street Martin Hancock plays a copper.

A rather good British film where we excel at, i.e. lots of realistic violence and swearing.  For that, you can’t really go far wrong.

  • Starring Doug Allen  David Essex  Vas Blackwood  Harley Sylvester
  • Director Gabe Turner
  • Distributor Metrodrome