There have been a fair few Hercules movies over the years, he’s been played by the likes of Steve Reeves and Lou Ferrigno.  Dwayne Johnson now steps up the mark and puts his boot to asses all over ancient Greece.

This ‘Son of Zeus’ is a mercenary, general bull-shit merchant and muscle for hire.  With his band of fellow mercenaries he does what is needed with no conscience for a good price and his legend gets enhanced by the colourful stories of his nephew who travels with him.  When Lord Cotys asks for his help against invaders, Herc and his pals step up to the mark.

Sword and Sandal epics are few and far between now.  This film embraces the films before it and modernises it with some modern dialogue which works as the lines are delivered either straight or tongue in cheek.  Johnson channels his inner Scorpion King, makes Herc incredibly likeble and is well supported by some fine thespian talent including John Hurt and Ian McShane.  It’s got plenty of (comic book) violence, lots of laughs and cracking effects.

Stupendous entertainment and a film I shall look forward to revisiting again.

  • Starring Dwayne Johnson  Rufus Sewell  Joseph Fiennes  Rebecca Ferguson
  • Director Brett Ratner
  • Distributor Paramount / MGM