WWE Presents True Giants

Now this is something to be treasured, a release celebrating wrestling’s big men such as Andre, Yokozuna and Giant Gonzales.

As per normal we get an almost two hour documentary on some of the most famous big guys (not Ryback) in wrestling broken down into segments.  The usual suspects are here such as Big Show and Kevin Nash but we get to see the stories about the likes of One Man Gang and others.  This is where the strength of the doc is, lesser known guys (to this generation) are covered like Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy.  This gives the set a terrific historical context as it exposes people to the work of some of the greatest wrestlers to walk the face of the earth.

It’s also very touching as a lot of these men are no longer with us and the people talking about their friends passing and sharing their stories with us is generally very moving.  The Andre the Giant segment is superb and The Uso’s talk fondly about their Uncle Yokozuna.  Pat Patterson talking about Gorilla Monsoon is also excellent as he was obviously friends with him and the footage of him wrestling is priceless as most of us only know him as an announcer.

The rest of the package is taken up with matches from the archives.  A lot of these are generally pretty old and this is very refreshing to see ‘good old days’.  As well as the ‘giants’ we get the see the likes of Kerry Von Erich and Superstar Billy Graham.  Keep an eye out for a massive Superstar of today in a previous incarnation, one I have always thought had one of the best names ever.

The blu-ray exclusives are plentiful as they include further segments including Earthquake (who should have been on the main doc), as well as other matches including Rick Martel vs. Kamala.

WWE keep bringing out these outstanding releases and this one is again in a long line of quality product.  Superb for long time wrestling fans and a good introduction for ‘the kids’ who really only know giants such as Big Show.  This must be purchased NOW!!!

  • Starring Earthquake  Sid Justice  Undertaker  Harvey Wippleman
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle