Night of Champions 2014

Night of Champions is the one PPV where all WWE Championships are defended.  It was Brock Lesnar’s first (and only to date) defence of his title where he had to face Cena again.  The Tag Team title holders The Uso’s took on Dusty Rhodes’ boys Gold and Stardust.  Miz fought Dolph Ziggler for the IC strap and Sheamus took on Cesaro for his US belt.  The Divas title was contested in a triple threat match featuring AJ, Paige and Nikki Bella.

Also on the card Mark Henry represented the good ‘ol USA against the Russian Super Athlete, Rusev and Chris Jericho took on Randy Orton.  Roman Reigns should have been there fighting Seth Rollins but as we all know Reigns had to have an operation so Rollins won by forfeit.

Overall it was a reasonably good PPV with a couple (to me anyway) shocks but the main event was ruined by the return of Super Cena who almost beat Lesnar. Thankfully Seth Rollins poked his oar in so John couldn’t be Champion.  Just weeks before, Cena was a broken man then suddenly he’s back to normal.  It’s predictable story telling and it’s another reason for people to boo him.

The DVD features the kick off show and some exclusive interviews.  Blu-ray owners get a bit more content including a match from Smackdown.  Overall some decent bouts and well worth picking up.

  • Starring Goldust  Stardust  Rusev  Chris Jericho  AJ Lee
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle