Haunting of Crestview High aka Bad Kids Go To Hell

The movie starts with a SWAT team storming a school library where they find a bloodbath.  One of the school’s students Matt is stood there covered in blood, we then back track to the beginning of the day to see the events unfold.

A bunch of students convene for a weekend detention, the usual stereotypes are there and Dr. Day the school psychologist has a plan up his sleeve.  Locking the students in, they swap stories and soon enough weird stuff happens where the students are bothered by some supernatural hocus pocus.

Basically the film is The Breakfast Club (Judd Nelson is even in it) meets a horror movie.  I didn’t enjoy it at all and it seemed an age to get going.  The original title is better as they are ‘Bad Kids’ so the retitling remains a bit of the mystery.  Whilst I don’t rate it, a friend of mine who counts The Exorcist as one of his favourites has seen it and thought it was very watchable.  So the decision is up to you, have a look at the trailer below and make up your own mind.

  • Starring Cameron Dean Stewart  Marc Donato  Amanda Alch
  • Director Matthew Spradlin
  • Distributor 101 Films