22 Jump Street

After the success of their investigation in the first movie Schmidt and Jenko are assigned a new case. There is a new designer drug in town and they have to go to college and root out the pushers.  Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) has been given a limitless budget, so they now have all the latest gadgets and weapons as well as a swanky new office.

One of the students had OD’ed on the drug and died so they start going to every possible class to try and get information.  Jenko teams up with the football crowd and Schmidt meets and falls for a beautiful art major.  Packed with low brow humour, action and plenty of colourful language 22 Jump Street is just as entertaining as it’s predecessor.

Hill and Tatum once again put on a great double act but the film is stolen by Ice Cube whose outbursts and use of the ‘F’ word is totally inspired.  He’s probably the best curser on screen since Joe Pesci.  Directors Lord and Miller show they can make great live action films and terrific animated ones (The Lego Movie) they are rather talented chaps.

Pure escapism and like I said a great laugh.  It certainly brightened my day.

  • Starring Channing Tatum  Jonah Hill  Peter Stormare  Ice Cube
  • Directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord
  • Distributor Sony