The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – 40th Anniversary Restoration

For anyone who has been living in a cave for the last 40 years, I shall briefly recap the story of one of the best (horror) films ever made.

A bunch of teenagers in a VW van come across a family of maniacs including the iconic Leatherface. One by one they fall to the macabre family until one (Sally) is left and has to endue a family meal with the deranged group.

The film wasn’t allowed a release for years due to the then head of the BBFC James Ferman.  As soon as he left, the film was passed, released to cinemas and then for home release.  This new version has been restored in 4K and been given a new 7.1 sound mix.  The previous blu-ray release had some excellent bonus material including a full length documentary and various trailers and TV spots.  This new release in a swanky steel case with fetching new artwork (see above) adds even more special features which include new featurettes and two brand new commentaries.

The picture for the film is simply superb and I would imagine looks just like the day Cinematographer Daniel Pearl shot it.  The new sound mix impresses but as a purist I prefer the mono mix.  Is it worth buying again?  Well I would say yes as the picture and sound is much improved, there is the new stuff included and the artwork is far better than the previous release.

If you haven’t even seen Chainsaw, this is an ESSENTIAL purchase as this is a piece of cinema history and not just another horror film.

  • Starring Marilyn Burns  Gunnar Hansen  Jim Siedow
  • Director Tobe Hooper
  • Distributor Second Sight