WWE Attitude Era Vol. Two

The archives have been mined, the old logo’s are now allowed so it’s time to have more Attitude Era fun courtesy of those generous people at the WWE.

Wrestling fans often pine for the Attitude Era and rightly so, as it was a creative time with plenty of daring storylines and matches.  It was also a product of its time probably never to be repeated but there is hours and hours of footage to be seen hopefully on further releases as well as the Network.

There are well over 30 matches (including blu-ray) on the compilation as well as the usual ‘talking head’ interviews from Superstars past and present.  For the red blooded male there is plenty of the female form on display or ‘puppies’ as Mr. Lawler liked to called them.  We get to see Sable with her famous painted hands on her chest as well as other risque swimsuits worn by various Divas.  Sunny is well represented on the set and she is still as awesome now as she was back in the day.  The passage of time has treated her rather well.

Anyone who was anyone is here – The Rock, The Brood, X-Pac, Ron Simmons, Gerald Brisco and one of my all time favourites The Godfather.  I always loved this character no matter how un-PC he was.  It was a blast to see him again.  Also, a massive thumbs up from me is including Mark Henry in his ‘Sexual Chocolate’ persona and Mae Young with their escapades on Valentines Day.  Brilliant comedy, topped off with Jerry Lawler gagging into his crown.

A fantastic compilation and a MUST for all wrestling fans.

  • Starring The Godfather  Edge  Dwayne Johnson  Sable  Mr. McMahon
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle