Tommy Carter is a man who has changed his life following a car crash, he re-starts it as a life-coach for people with problems. Tommy has also written a best selling book about his experiences and when he meets a troubled man Angel, he feels he must help him.  Angel is grieving about his deceased Mother and is having real difficulty accepting this.  Tommy does all he can but appears to be unsuccessful and when he is sets off to go on a book promotion tour, Angel has other ideas.

Repentance is one of those films with lots of ideas thrown into the mix.  There is the grieving son, the troubled brother and some old school hocus pocus going down with visions.  The central performance from Forest Whitaker is great, if slightly over the top.  I must say I love his twitching hand when he gets stressed.  Anthony Mackie does well as Tommy and he is backed up by Mike Epps and Sanaa Lathan as his wife.

It’s perfectly acceptable entertainment, if a little cliched.  You have seen it all a million times before, so don’t expect anything earth shattering but it’s all very well made and a passable time waster.

  • Starring Anthony Mackie  Forest Whitaker  Sanaa Lathan
  • Director Philippe Caland
  • Distributor Sony