Secrets & Lies

Ben Gundelach is your normal family man and on one particular morning goes out for a jog.  Unfortunately for him he finds the body of a murdered youngster.  The case catches the eye of the national press and Ben’s life will never be the same again.
A terrible chain of events begin to occur with more twists and turns than a country lane.  That’s all I’m going to say on this frankly superb drama series.  All six episodes are masterfully directed and acted with a script that takes you to places like the character of Ben you wouldn’t want to go.
Martin Henderson acts his socks off as Ben the everyman going through sheer hell, you may remember him in the lead male role in the US Ringu remake and deserves a huge pat on the back for his thespian efforts.  Secrets & Lies is one of those mini-series you could easily binge on in one or two sittings, it’s simply that good.  It’s a reminder that our Australian cousins do produce quality television and not just Neighbours.  
A first class production and if you don’t see it you’re missing something very special.
  • Starring Martin Henderson  Anthony Hayes  Diana Glenn
  • Directors Peter Salmon and Kate Dennis
  • Distributor Acorn