Super Mario Bros.

Back in 1993, the film-making duo behind Max Headroom (remember him?) took the reins of the adaption of a certain game from Nintendo.  Unfortunately the film wasn’t that successful and took a bit of a hammering from the critics.
Mario and Luigi are a couple of Italian plumbers from New York.  Luigi, the younger brother meets and falls for a girl called Daisy who is subsequently kidnapped and taken to another dimension where dinosaurs were the dominant species and eventually evolved into humans.  Once there the brothers have to save the day and rescue Daisy from the nasty evil old King Koopa played by Dennis Hopper.
I must admit not being much of a fan of the Mario games (I do love Mario Kart though) and I would imagine there are lots of Mario references in the film but were lost on me.  However it’s a fun kids film with nice special effects, great production design and quite a hoot.  
It’ll keep the ankle biters quiet for an hour or two and honestly it kept me entertained as well.
  • Starring Bob Hoskins  Samantha Mathis  John Leguizamo
  • Directors Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel
  • Distributor Second Sight