Summerslam 2014

This year’s Summerslam was something special in that it was the first time we saw John Cena totally dominated by a fellow superstar, i.e. Brock Lesnar.  The result is now very well known and I still think it was brave for WWE management to show their number one guy get totally outclassed and humiliated.  Unfortunately Super Cena soon returned but at time of writing, he’s nowhere near getting the belt back.

The rest of the card was also pretty good, there was Miz against Ziggler for the IC strap, another Paige/AJ title match and Jack Swagger taking on the might of Russia’s Rusev in a flag match.  The Ambrose and Seth Rollins fight never took place due to what transpitred that evening, Roman Reigns fought Randy Orton and Jericho took on Bray Wyatt.  Finally a quick word on the Stephanie McMahon/Brie Bella match, not that great but a terrific build up on previous week’s TV especially when Steph was arrested.

Extras wise, there is the kick off show match between RVD and Cesaro amongst other bits and pieces.  Blu-ray owners get even more including the above arrest and a 4 on 1 handicap Diva match.

Summerslam was a good PPV with that unforgettable main event, just a shame Hogan turned up for his usual antics “Brother!!” thankfully it was short and at the beginning.

Nice cover as well with a gurning Paul Heyman by Brock Lesnar.

  • Starring Dolph Ziggler  Rusev  Bray Wyatt  Hulk Hogan
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle