Our Girl – The Complete Series One

Following the success of the ‘one-off film’ last year on BBC One, a series was ordered to show the life of Lacey Turner’s character Molly in the British Army.

Molly Dawes is a young teenager cheated on by her boyfriend, decides to join the army and the original film followed her training and subsequent deployment to Afghanistan.  The series comprised of five episodes where Molly is faced with her ex, Smurf, a local girl she becomes too close with and the on-going saga of her family issues when she returns home.

The stories are a little ‘soapy’ but with the high production values and brilliant central performance from Lacey Turner, it elevates it from the usual rubbish we tend to get when an actor from one of our big soaps tends to move on.  Here’s hoping the Eastenders bosses let her have some more time off if the show is renewed.

Good stuff overall and Miss Turner proves again she is one of our very best young actresses.

  • Starring Lacey Turner  Iwan Rheon  Ben Alridge  Sean Gallagher
  • Distributor RLJ / Acorn