Marty is your typical twelve year old, he loves the horror genre, but is bullied and ridiculed at school.  His brother Steve is harbouring a secret Marty knows, he is a murderer.  Marty knows this because Steve keeps his victim’s heads in a bowling bag in his cupboard.  
Marty has just one real friend in the world, David who really doesn’t acknowledge him at school because he would likely be bullied as well.  When Marty is picked on by a nasty piece of work called Marcus, his brother steps up to the mark and ‘sorts him out’.  The parents aren’t really supportive to Marty’s cause and using his brother as a rather twisted mentor he takes matters into his own hands.
Found could be classed as a coming of age story, a drama, a horror film but I like to place it in a class of it’s own.  It’s a very powerful piece of film making and is no way a generic slasher film as hinted by it’s cover.  It is very violent (on and off screen) and a couple of scenes are very hard going and brutal.  The acting from the young leads is first class and the supporting players are equally as good in particular the little dude who plays Marcus.
As I write this review, I’m still getting over the incredibly powerful ending, which in all honestly feels like a very hard kick in the stomach. Essential viewing, but it may seriously upset you.  It is however one of the best independent (horror) films I have seen in years.
  • Starring Ethan Philbeck  Gavin Brown  Louie Lawless
  • Director Scott Shrimer
  • Distributor Monster Pictures