See No Evil 2

Following on from the events of the first movie, serial killer Jacob Goodnight’s corpse is taken to the local morgue.  At the same time morgue technician Amy is celebrating her birthday with a surprise party thrown by her friends.  When Tamara (Katharine Isabelle) and her boyfriend get down to some loving by Goodnight’s body they soon regret it as the killer isn’t dead and starts another murderous rampage.
Returning to play Goodnight is WWE Legend Glenn “Kane” Jacobs complete this time with mask as the character lost an eye in the first film.  Goodnight is an incredibly efficient and powerful killer and the supporting characters soon start dropping like flies.  Jacobs fills the screen with his huge frame and brings some Kane-like moments to the proceedings as like in the WWE, he pops up behind people at the right time to scare (WWE) or kill (film) them.  There is a great supporting cast including Katharine Isabelle from American Mary and Danielle Harris who took on Michael Myers in four films.  
The film isn’t quite as bloody I feel as the first picture (it’s a strong 15 so don’t worry), but that doesn’t matter as the Soska Sisters have crafted a film which is as much fun as it’s predecessor, if not better and also to their credit a little cruel.  I do hope the money men put their hand in their pockets and bring Jacob Goodnight back, they’re be idiots not too.
Quite simply fantastic horror entertainment, regardless of the WWE connection.  
  • Starring Glenn Jacobs  Katharine Isabelle  Danielle Harris  Greyston Holt
  • Directors Jen and Sylvia Soska
  • Distributor Lionsgate