Day of the Mummy

When a reknowned archaeologist goes missing whilst digging in a supposed mystical tomb, a seriously rich connected guy (Danny Glover) contacts an Egyptian expert Jack Wells to join a new team to find out what went on.  Jack actually has to locate a priceless jewel with alleged legendary powers, which will repay a debt to Glover’s insanely rich character.  Armed with a pair of glasses with a built in camera, Wells sets off with his team to see what happened to the previous diggers.
The movie now switches to a POV style and follows the escapades in the desert.  At this point I groaned as I was quite looking forward to a Mummy movie as there hasn’t been one for a while.  However the POV photography is quite atmospheric and once the nasties turn up, it all becomes quite good fun.  It’s incredibly well shot and makes a change from woods and forests for this type of film.
I would have preferred a ‘straight’ horror film as POV/FF films are seriously beginning to ‘grind my gears’ but this one isn’t too bad, I’ve seen a lot better but there is also a lot worse around.
  • Starring Danny Glover  William McNamara  Brandon deSpain
  • Director Johnny Tabor
  • Distributor Image