Graduation Day

Laura Ramstead dies tragically on the running track after being cheered on by the crowd and her high school coach.  Her Sister Anne comes home from the Navy to attend what would have been Laura’s Graduation and soon members of Laura’s athetics team start getting murdered.
Yes, we are in slasher territory here folks, with a dusty old classic from 1981.  You can tell it’s the early eighties with it’s synth soundtrack complete with dreadful title song, HUGE hair, extremely high running shorts and dubious creepy camera angles of ladies’ bums. It’s not particulary gory or bloody, but it is very well made with some interesting editing and nice camerawork.  Script wise, it’s pretty much by-the-numbers (with some red herrings) but with a cup of tea and in a biscuit in hand I found it rather appealing.  One part of the film I thought was utter trashy film making genius was the scene when Linnea Quigley is being menaced and whilst running her top comes apart to show the audience all her glory, slightly crass but hey its a product of it’s time.
88 Films’ maiden voyage into their Slasher Classics Collection starts off well with this title and there’s plenty more on the horizon. Extras wise we have High Rising’s Scream Queens documentary featuring Danielle Harris and Sybil Danning amongst others, a Justin Kerswell interview, various Troma goodies and Sgt. Kabukiman chatting with Linnea Quigley.
Good stuff and well worth a purchase, all wrapped up in a red box with reversable sleeve and some interview notes inside.
  • Starring Christopher George  Michael Pataki  E. Danny Murphy
  • Director Herb Freed
  • Distributor 88 Films